Sweet and Sour Pork or Chicken

Mar 11, 2014 ~ Apr 4, 2014 : Potato Gnocchi, Vegetable Stir-Fry, Sweet and Sour Pork and/or Chicken

My Task :

Grab all ingredients, mince the garlic, mix cornstarch and water, make sweet and sour solution, stir fry chicken and vegetables and sauce. Clean Up – Special Duties (Help rinse dishes, put away all ingredients, clean up demo area.)


Sweet and Sour Pork or Chicken

20140404_090927 20140404_092233

200 Grams of pork tenderloin and/or chicken
30 mL Vegetable Oil
1/2 Green Pepper – cubed
125 mL Carrots, sliced
125 mL Pineapple tidbits
1 Garlic clove
15 mL Cornstarch
15 mL Water
40 mL Vinegar, white
125 mL Water
7 mL Soy sauce
50 mL Sugar
2 mL Molasses
1. Cut pork/chicken into 2 cm cubes.
2. Wash and seed pepper and cut into 3 cm cube chunks.
3. Slice carrots thickly on the diagonal.
4. Microwave peppers and carrots for 1 minute.
5. Mince the garlic.
6. Mix cornstarch and 15 mL water and set aside beside pan.
7. Mix vinegar, water, soy sauce, sugar, and minced garlic to make a sweet and sour solution.
8. Fry pork/chicken in oil in frying pan until golden brown or solid white. Remove and drain on paper towel.
9. Use medium high heat, heat sauce pan and add sweet and sour mixture. When it begins to boil add cornstarch to the solution and stir until the gravy thickens.
10. Next add vegetables and pineapples and stir in.
11. Add pork/ chicken to the molasses and stir quickly and then add to sauce.


My Opinion of the Lab:

This lab was pretty good. The sweet and sour sauce went great with the veggies, rice and the chicken. I felt as if I was dining at a Chinese restaurant. This reminded me of a Chinese dish very popular in Korea, called Tangsuyuk, or sweet and sour pork.



How could you use this recipe at home?

I would use this recipe at home to make a meal for my family. I would add more meat, and maybe sub out the rice for some noodles.

When would you eat it?

I would eat it for lunch or dinner.

Who would you serve it to?

I would serve it to my family and myself.

How could you alter the recipe to make it healthier?

I would make brown rice instead of white rice, use chicken breast for the meat, use less soy sauce and less sugar.

How could you alter the recipe to make it cheaper?

I could just use the vegetables I have on hand instead of buying the exact ingredients, and use chicken thighs.


Nutritional Info of Ingredients :

Cooked Chicken Breast

Green Pepper




Canned Pineapple



Soy Sauce



Canola Oil


Cooked Long-grain White rice


Other Interesting Links :

Food Wishes – Sweet and Sour Pork (video)


Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken



WARNING: Super delicious! Korean-style Sweet and Sour Pork/Beef (video)


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